GroupMe Chats

These are chatrooms with different topics for us to share stories, photos, quotes, and support. Check em out!


In this group you should show off! Let's see what you can do, whether it be at work or personal. Doesn't have to be anything specific, just something you are proud of and want the world to see!


This chat is for those times we just need to let off some steam. We recommend not to give advice and just listen, unless the individual specifically requests advice. Sometimes we just need to shout it from a mountain top!


This is a chat just for "shootin the shit". Nothing here nor there, just chatting about the day or what's going on. Doesn't have to be anything specific! Maybe make some plans!


This is for those positive vibes! Request positive vibes or share the vibes with everyone! All about the good stuff in this chat!


This is a very supportive chat. It doesn't matter if you are sober or not in this group chat, just be mindful and respectful for others' boundaries. We can still get out of the spiral even if we are already in it, just may require a little help!


This is for emergency situations. It is a safe place to chat, but if you feel a danger to yourself or someone else, please call 911, 1-800-273-TALK, or 1-800-SUICIDE. Check out for a list of what is available.



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